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DISABILITY - Not for the weak of heart

May is National Disability Month - Help Protect the Asset you rely on most

How would you pay your bills if you were sick or hurt and unable to work for a few months? Does thinking about that concern should. Having Disability Insurance in place can ease the stress of a long term illness or injury. It provides Income Protection when you need it most - when you have a Disability arise.


What are your approximate monthly expenses (Home Mortgage, Auto, Insurance, Utilities, Groceries, Credit Card Payments, etc.)

Do you have 3-6 months saved up in case of a sickness or illness that pulls you away from your work...if not, think Disability Insurance.

Disability insurance can help protect your daily life

What is your income? If you are employee the insurance company will look at your gross income. If you are self-employed they look at your net income, and if you own the business...the percentage of the business you own, how long you have owned it, and how many employees work there.

Keep in mind that health history and medications will be a consideration when an insurance company chooses to make an offer of Disability Insurance or chooses to decline that opportunity.

Key Notes*:

  • A 45 year old women is almost twice as likely to suffer a long-term disability than a man

  • 30% of today's 20 year olds will experience a long-term disability before retirement

  • Approximately 95 percent of disabilities are caused by illness, not accidents

*Council for Disability Awareness and Life & Health Insurance Foundation for Education

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