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Most everyone knows someone whom has experienced Cancer, Critical Illness, Accident, Short Term Stays, Hospitalization.  Add to that High Deductibles and Max Out of Pockets on Health Insurance and Medicare plans. 


Why not purchase a plan now that will pay out when any of the above occurs helping to cover high deductibles and max out of pockets.  Most plans pay directly to you, as indemnity plans and can be used for what ever expense you want; including your home or auto payment. These plans cost much less than you might imagine.  Please keep in mind this insurance must be purchase before you are diagnosed or hurt. 


Click below for rates...Now is the time to protect yourself from unexpected illness, injury & sickness

* NEW * Genome Sequencing available:
treating your Cancer at a cellular level based on your DNA.  Benefits paid directly to you up to 70,000

Ask Mayo Support is included.

Add Benefit Builder Rider to receive 25% more on Late Stage Cancer & In Situ Cancer

And also 10% more on TIA (Mini Stroke) and much more.  Plus 25% on Bypass, plus a $100 wellness Benefit

Recovery Care from the comfort of your own home
Benefits "kick in" when you suffer a cognitive impairment or can't  perform 2 of the 6 ADL's
Benefits paid directly to you regardless of other insurance in place
No hospital stay is needed and there are three plans to choose from
Includes Ask Mayo Services

Help Fill any gaps in coverage from your Health Insurance or Medicare Advantage plan


Benefits paid directly to you, to use as you want – with Low premiums

Helps with Ambulance trips, Outpatient Surgery, Skilled Nursing, Critical Accidents, Cancer Treatments, Dental/Vision

Guarantee Issue for ages 64 1/2 to 65 ½

Covers Hospital Observation Stays after the first 12 hours,  where most insurance will not cover Observation at all

Optional Riders: Ambulance (even if not admitted as in patient), Critical Accidents, Out Patient Surgery, Cancer Treatments, Skilled Nursing, Dental/Vision

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ALLYHEALTH provides Medical Bill Negotiation, On-Line Doctor Visits & RX Savings all at the low cost of $4.95 or $6.95/month for the whole family.  GREAT for those without insurance whom want doctor visits and some prescription coverage.

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