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2021: Medicare Updates

Mark your calendars — Medicare Annual Enrollment starts:

October 15th, 2020 - December 7th, 2020

with an effective date of Jan 1, 2021

2021 Medicare and You Handbook: CLICK HERE

Can you believe it's almost time to leave 2020 behind us!

Now is your chance to review your Medicare Insurance coverage and rates, to see if you can save money next year on Medicare and RX Drug costs. Plan premiums are at historic lows — they've dropped an average of 34% over the last 3 years, and in some states up to 60%. This means you may be able find a less expensive plan which meets your needs for 2021. Review 2021 Medicare plans & rates - Let's Talk: CLICK HERE

Wondering what's new this Medicare Open Enrollment starting October 15th for 2021, and ways you can take advantage of other great options...

  • In Oregon & Washington Medicare Advantage rates are mostly remaining the same

  • Some plans may offer a month's supply of insulin for as low as $35 and some have added Meal plans for those returning home from a hospital stay

  • Novus is offering Medical and Recreational Cannabis MedPlans which discounts your costs for THC, Hemp/CBD and Charlotte's Web: CLICK HERE for more information

  • Hospital Indemnity Plans offer added protection from major Hospital, Surgery, Ambulance, Skilled Nursing costs, and more: CLICK HERE and fill out form for more information

  • The ability to Lower your RX Drug Costs, based on Income: CLICK HERE and fill out form for more information

  • Some Medicare Advantage plans are offering additional benefits related to helping you stay in Shape in 2021

  • Lasso Medicare MSA plans are now available in Oregon for 2021. This exciting new plan is a potential game changer coming to the Oregon market for Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for 2021. The deductible/out of pocket maximum is offset by the yearly monetary contribution the plan makes into an Medical Savings Account (MSA) on the beneficiary’s behalf

  • Life Insurance needs to be reviewed as you age and things change in your life such as: Getting Married, Having a Child, Kids Entering College. CLICK HERE to view Life Insurance Plans & Rates

  • Keep in mind now is also a good time to think about Earth Quake Insurance; as it's not something ou can purchase after the fact

Take time now to review all the New Medicare plan options to ensure smooth sailing in 2021

CLICK HERE to set up an appointment to have your Medicare Questions Answered - Oregon & Washington


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