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Here is a site that shows the "fair rate" for Surgery's, X'Rays, etc. 

Looking to lower your E-Mod rating? We have a creative idea for your company to accomplish this.

get more information on E-Mod Ratings

Self Insure your Company  More Information

LARGE GROUPS (100 Plus): Use a platform such as BridgeWorks NW for your Health Insurance administration and never have to upload a Census again at renewal.


Cash handed directly to you... helping pay your deductible, co-payments and/or co-insurance when you've had an Accident, Illness, Cancer or Hospital stay.  Receive a Quote

Lower Rates by...

Move spouse/children off group plan if you (not your company) are currently paying for their group insurance, it can save you money as Individual insurance costs less.  Adults must qualify to find out.

Same for a 2014 if you employee individuals who make minimal incomes, allowing them or there spouses to purchase insurance inside the health exchange will probably save them, and you money since the government will be paying part of their health insurance.


Short Term Medical is about 1/2 the cost of a traditional plan.  If you are healthy this plan might be a great option for you.  Let me explain how and why.


Switch to an HSA...Health Savings Account qualified health plan.  Cost is must less than a traditional plan and allows you to pay medical costs tax free.



Plan now to Protect your family or Company from lose due to death.

FAMILY's: Are you living off two incomes? If so, Life Insurance is a must to protect your family so they can stay together, in your home and make it through those tough months and years without you.

COMPANY's: Key Man Insurance keeps your company running smoothly when a Key Person perishes. Having this in place allows you to hire a replacement key person promptly to keep your company moving forward, running smoothly.

Don't put your Family or Company in others hands...receive a quote now

COMPANY's: Keep your valuable Employees from leaving to a competitor by providing IUL Insurance and funding the account for them, as long as they remain in your service.

SINGLES: Having life insurance in place is a good way to set your children up for a good future if a misfortune would happen to you.

CHILDREN: Have you ever considered purchasing insuance for your children?  It's inexpensive and allows you to take time off to greave if the unthinkable happens

*** RATES HAVE GONE DOWN in the past few years. Make sure your Life Insurance is up to date.  Get Quotes Here.


With Heath Care Reform looming in the near future look into putting in place an HSA as your company insurance.  Or, put a higher deductible plan in place and set up an HRA to help with a higher deductible health plan.  Call for more details.


Have your Auto, Home or Commercial Insurance reviewed to find out if you are over paying.  If so, then use the money you saved to purchase more coverage to protect your Company or Family.

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