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Understanding Grief

Grief can effect people in many ways. There are people whom experience the grief first hand and those whom are "second hand" experiencers. The closer you are, the harder it can be. Being able to understand how grief can effect you is important to healing from grief.

I called my client for our meeting this morning and found out he had just passed away at 10:30 last night. So strange as we had just talked 3 days ago and set up this meeting. He had just retired 10 months ago and was only 60. It was a "out of the blue" thing for him to perish. Makes me take a look at my life since our birthdates were 6 days apart to the year. Now his wife will process through the stages of grief whether she wants to or not.

Sarah, from SingleCare wrote a great article on Understanding Grief that will help you out if you just lost someone or lost someone in the past.. CLICK HERE to read her article.\

May those suffering from grief get some relief by reading her article.


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