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Choose a plan that meets your needs such as a catastrophic plan, one that includes unlimited doctor visits, or an in between plan structure. Take a look at all they have to offer:



ALIERA HEALTHCARE is available for purchase ALL YEAR LONG so it can be purchased outside Open Enrollment.  Anytime you find yourself in need for Health Care, COBRA too expensive, insurance cancelled due to non-payment, Inbetween jobs, can't afford traditional health insurance...turn to Aliera Care.  Aliera Care usually offers less expensive plans than Medical Insurance, because they are Medical Cost Sharing plans, NOT traditional health insurance. You may have heard of them as medical cost share plans, or medishare plans.


As stated, it is NOT health insurance; however it offers medical coverage if you are willing to state that you believe in “A” God and believe in helping other people out when in need.


They offer MSRA’s you can choose from, which is Medical Share Responsibility Amounts (MSRA), which acts like a deductible, but is NOT a deductible.  They offer plans with doctor visits or without, catastrophic plans, or Short Term Medical plans.


The AlieraCare PREMIUM plan with a 5,000 deductible offers the most coverage and is most LIKE a traditional insurance plan.  Aliera CAREPLUS ADVANTAGE is a Catastrophic plan.  Use the below link to view plans, rates, see benefit summary’s or to apply:



Aliera Healthcare, Inc. in partnership with Trinity HealthShare, Inc. created the best of two medical care programs to provide healthcare solutions designed to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and improve individuals’ and families’ healthcare experiences. Aliera’s program in conjunction with a Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) Hospitalization and Surgery plans which provides members with one of the most flexible and cost-savings programs in the market today. The goal of our model of care is to achieve an optimal level of wellness and improve care while providing cost-effective, non-duplicative services. 

  • 100% wellness preventative and 100% telemedicine

  • 5 PCP Visit per year (per person) ($20 consult fee) (includes
    chronic visits for maintenance)

  • 2 Urgent care per year (per person) ($20 consult fee)

  • All labs through Quest Labs

  • Prescription discounts, depending on medication can be up to 50%

  • Use of pediatrics and OB/GYN as PCP

  • Hospitalization, in-patient and out-patient surgery included after
    MSRA is reached

  • Specialty Care offered for a $75 consult fee and remainder of visit going
    towards the MSRA, eligible for 100% sharing once MSRA is reached

  • MSRA options of 5K, 7.5K, and 10K

  • Maternity benefits of $5,000 towards the delivery room

  • Emergency room is $300, which goes towards MSRA if

  • Per incidents of $500,000 and lifetime of 1 million

  • No cancer sharing for 1 year assuming member has been
    cancer free for 5 years

  • No pre-existing condition sharing offered until the member
    has been on the plan for 24 consecutive months



The PremaCare plans offers only doctor visits & Urgent care, but NOT hospitalization or major medical, for those whom are healthy but want doctor access when needed:


The PrimaCare Plan is Aliera’s individual MEC plan. Of all the plans this is the only one that is not going to be ACA exempt but it will include 100% preventative wellness and 100% access to our First Call Telemedicine Service. It has all the benefits for first dollar coverage including PCP visits and urgent care visits with no MSRA tied to it. This plan is great for individuals just looking for the basics.

  • Not ACA exempt

  • Unlimited PCP visits with a $25 consult fee (including chronic maintenance)

  • 2 Urgent Care visit with a $40 consult fee

  • All labs and diagnostics included from PCP and Urgent Care

  • 5 Pediatric Visits each at $25 consult fee


The Aliera InterimCare - Short Term Medical plan options are not “legal” in Oregon because you are ONLY allowed 3 months of Short Term medical in Oregon for 2019 and they offer 12 months of coverage.


Let me know if you have any questions -

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