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Cannabis MedPlan's focus on reducing medicinal and recreational users the cost associated with:

  • Medical Cannabis (THC)

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

  • Dental, Vision, Telehealth

  • 8 plans to choose from - pick one that meets your needs

  • Includes Delivery!

  • Integrative, Holistic/Alternative, Medical Marijuana (THC), Hemp/CBD & Charlotte's Web

It supplements medical insurance policies, filling the gaps where traditonal plans do not provide coverage. There are NO Co-Pays, NO Deductibles, and everyone is approved in the Novus Cannabis MedPlan network.

SAVE MONEY on ALL our Cannabis Meds with plans starting as low as $24.95/month.  Below plan includes BOTH THC and CBD for only $26.95/month for an Individual.


Novus Pricing.PNG
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