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Make the most of your new career in the Insurance Industry

Written by Katie Conroy

How to Make the Most of a New or Improved Career in the Insurance Sector

Finding work can be a challenge in any economy, especially if you’re changing careers. Fortunately, the insurance sector offers opportunities for workers of all experience and ability levels. Here’s more on how to make the most of your new or improved insurance career.

Start with In-Depth Research

Deciding which companies to apply to can feel daunting. According to the Muse, currently employed job seekers should spend a minimum of seven hours per week on a career change job search. But how can you tell which applications are a waste of time and which ones might turn into a fantastic career opportunity? Fortunately, with a website such as Glassdoor, you can read honest feedback from employees who worked for the companies you’re considering.

Former and current employees shed light on company dynamics and experiences, giving the perspective you need to make an application decision. You can find other pertinent information about each organization to guide your choice, as well.

Get Up to Date on Tech

When working as an insurance sales agent, you’ll need the most reliable smartphone to stay connected. From speaking with clients to managing meeting schedules, there’s so much you can do via your phone. Plus, you can also use your smartphone to help you search for a job, just like 43 percent of workers in the United States have done.

That said, if your phone is outdated, you’ll need to get up to date for the best job performance. An upgrade to an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S10 means exceptional battery life, tough-as-nails Gorilla Glass for protection, and lightning-fast features that won’t lag.

If you prefer Apple devices, consider investing in the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. The newest iPhone has plenty of battery life to keep you energized, exceptional screen resolution for examining documents up-close, and three cameras that offer supremely crisp photos.

Give Training Your Focus

With insurance sales jobs expected to increase by 10 percent over the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there’s a good chance your career will grow, as well. So, be ready for opportunities for growth by keeping your skills sharp. Whether you’re new to the insurance field or need to start from scratch, training will be a vital part of the experience. Although you likely won’t need a bachelor’s or another formal degree, continuing education is often part of the job, whether you’re with a company or serving as an independent agent.

Choose a Specialty

The insurance sector offers plenty of options for job seekers and career shifters. In addition to sales agent roles, you can also choose a job in underwriting, appraisal, operations, human resources, or other areas of insurance organizations. If you have a specific interest — or experience — in one area, investigate what the requirements are for that role.

When you can present yourself as an expert, you stand out among other candidates. In most cases, that means tweaking your resume for your dream insurance job and using “action verbs” to describe your current role. Inc. recommends highlighting both your passion and transferable skills that employers want for the best results in your applications.

Consider Pursuing Licensure

Although most insurance agent jobs don’t require a degree, you can make yourself more marketable by pursuing a license. Depending on your state, you may need one before you can shift into certain insurance roles. In other states, passing a licensing exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, for example, can give you an edge on applications. Earning a certificate in a specialty can also offer an advantage, especially if you’re transitioning from another field with little transferable experience.

Also, keep in mind that if you decide to go into business for yourself, you’ll need to ensure that all of your paperwork has been properly filed. That way, you won’t have to worry about any legal popping up and causing your trouble. So, research Oregon LLC requirements and make sure you meet them - or hire a company to make sure this gets done for you.

Highlight Your Most Hirable Skills

Working in insurance means you’ll be interacting with many diverse populations. From communicating with coworkers to helping clients understand the terms of their policies, you need an array of interpersonal skills to succeed. Plus, 94 percent of recruiters confirm that employees who exhibit strong soft skills have a higher chance of earning promotions than others, Forbes reports. Problem-solving abilities, oral communication, and flexibility in the workplace are highlighted soft skills across all industries.

Whatever your professional background, choosing an insurance career is a smart move. And starting the transition is easier with a strategic plan in place.

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