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Market Drops…again...when we hear this phrase our hearts sink

Are you prepared for the vast uncertainty of our economy?


Those nearing retirement may need to consider moving a portion of their savings to fixed/guaranteed options offered by Life Insurance companies, such as an Indexed Universal Life plan. It’s also a great option for those looking to start saving today.

Fixed IUL’s and Annuities tend to offer guaranteed returns with no potential risk from Market Loss. An Indexed plan offers the leverage of higher interest rates during Market Rises, yet protection from Market lows like we’ve been seeing this week…or a major crash such as in 2001/2 and 2008.

IUL’s offer Life Insurance Living Benefits and Tax Advantages which are not found in 401k's.

Maybe it’s time to review your asset allocations, to ensure a No Market Risk option is a part of your Retirement plan and take advantage of the Tax Advantages Life Insurance has to offer.

The next “big thing” has been going on for years, you just didn’t know it existed, so you haven’t been able to utilize the benefits it offers. Now that you know, take time to explore the Indexed Universal Life Insurance option, to see if it’s right for your current situation. Life is unpredictable, be prepared with a No Market Risk, Tax Advantaged, Indexed Universal Life option to grow your future wealth; today.

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