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A great resource to help answer all your Medicare questions comes from SHIBA. They have listed items and a very self explanatory way, allowing you to feel knowledgeable after reading a section. Don't let the book fool you...there are a LOT of moving pieces to Medicare!

I see medicare as a puzzle and you are leaning to put all the pieces together for your specific situation. A lot of times your situation is NOT like your neighbors or your sisters/brothers. It's best to use a broker whom has had more experience in this field as they do it everyday. A broker is there to help understand your options and help you to be able to make an informed decision for your specific situation.

There is no cost to use a broker as brokers are paid by the insurance company you choose to use for your Medicare supplement (Medigap) plan or your Medicare Advantage plan.

2019 Guide to Medicare Insurance plans

This guide covers: The Basics, Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, Medigap / Medsup plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Appeals, Resources & Publications. It's an easy read and I know you will learn something new.

Learn more about SHIBA at

New to Medicare? Check out

Learn more about SHIBA at

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