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A great resource to help answer all your Medicare questions comes from SHIBA. They have listed items and a very self explanatory way, allowing you to feel knowledgeable after reading a section. Don't let the book fool you...there are a LOT of moving pieces to Medicare!

I see medicare as a puzzle and you are leaning to put all the pieces together for your specific situation. A lot of times your situation is NOT like your neighbors or your sisters/brothers. It's best to use a broker whom has had more experience in this field as they do it everyday. A broker is there to help understand your options and help you to be able to make an informed decision for your specific situation.

There is no cost to use a broker as brokers are paid by the insurance company you choose to use for your Medicare supplement (Medigap) plan or your Medicare Advantage plan.

This guide covers: The Basics, Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, Medigap / Medsup plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Appeals, Resources & Publications. It's an easy read and I know you will learn something new.

Learn more about SHIBA at

New to Medicare? Check out

Learn more about SHIBA at


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