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2019 MEDICARE and YOU!

Medicare Annual Enrollment runs through Dec 7, 2018 and allows you to change plans during that period of time and receive a Jan 1, 2019 effective date.

A great book with lots of Medicare answers for 2019 Medicare is: Put out by the Government

Medicare is not as scary as you think and by taking the time to understand it you will be able to find the plan that matches your needs specifically. One plan does not fit all.

Keep in mind there is Medicare Part A (Hospital) and Part B (Doctor), and Part C (Med Advantge plans, some with $0 premiums), and Part D (Prescriptsions) and Med Sups to choose from.

Part A and B can be purchased with a Part D stand alone drug plan and coupled with a Med Sup plan.

Part C is purchased alone, through a Private Insurance company such as Providence, Kaiser, PacificSource, Moda, etc.

Original Medicare includes Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance/Doctor & Specialist Visits). Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything, so most people buy additional coverage like a Medicare Part D Drug Plan to help cover the costs of prescription drugs, and/or a Medicare Supplement Insurance (MediSup) policy to help pay the costs of covered supplies and services which Medicare does not cover.

A Growing number of people are selecting Medicare Advantage Plans which include Part C (MedAdvantage plans) and some include Part D (Medicare Part D Drug Plan). Medicare Advantage plans cover all the same services as Original Medicare, and may include Additional benefits like vision, dental, hearing, and prescription drugs...and some offer $0 premiums. MedAdvantage plans also offer a Max Out of Pocket stop loss.

Now is the time to review your options so that you can make an informed decision on your plan choice for your 2019 Medicare.

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