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Trump Health Care Latest Update

Trump’s Executive Order, Friday Oct 12th

Yes, on Friday the 13th it came out that Trump signed an Executive Order, the day before, canceling Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) inside the Health Insurance Marketplace on Individual and Family plans for the low income population.


At this moment – no one is taking a stance after Trump endorsed and then changed his mind the next day as he rejected the bipartisan health care plan a day after endorsing it. READ MORE ON THAT HERE

Oregon countered his Executive Order stating that they did not want to reduce these features on Oregon clients in the Marketplace and stated it would increase the cost of Silver plans on and off the Market by raising their rates 7.1%, to allow for continuation of CSR’s in Oregon. READ MORE HERE

Now, Oregon and Washington Insurance commissioners are keeping a low profile while waiting to see if it will go into effect or not; and if it will start immediately, or for 2018.


Cost Sharing offers lower income clients the ability to receive reduced Doctor Visit Co-pays, Deductibles, Co-Insurance and Max Out of Pocket amounts; per person on the plan.

This rate increase may or may not happen to all Silver plans in and out of the Marketplace Exchange for 2018 (and maybe the remainder of 2017?)

2018 Health Insurance Rates

LINK ACTIVE ON: Nov 1st, 2017: CLICK HERE FOR 2018 RATES to see if you qualify for a premium discount. (Silver plans may be subject to rate increase)

I’ll keep you up to date with new articles in the blog section. CLICK HERE to check back on updated articles on this subject.

As for Trump news…

The latest information I could find is HERE and HERE

Stay tuned for the next update and how it will effect rates for 2018.

Trump Care guide: WHAT's HAPPENING

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