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Equifax Hack - still hacking...

I wanted to make sure that, as an added service to you, you know about the security breach at Equifax, one of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies.

What's sad that they could have prevented this hack by applying the "patch" they were given 2 months earlier, and even sadder is that they waited another 38 days to tell anyone about the breach, after they applied the patch.

I decided to see if I was effected and it said: "Based on the information provided, we BELIEVE that your personal information MAY have been impacted by this incident." Really!!! That is the best they can give me. Don't they know what information of mine was impacted? That scares me.

Next it wanted me to "Click the below button" so that they could then ask me for more information to "monitor my account" for activity. It did not apologize or tell me how they would help me out, if my Identity was stolen.

There are several problems with Equifax's offer to monitor the credit of the compromised accounts:

1). First consider this--why would anyone want to sign up for free monitoring from a company that was just hacked...

2). To sign up for the free monitoring you have to give Equifax even more personal information than they already have

3). Monitoring does not protect someone if they become a victim---people really need monitoring plus a quality restoration service AND

4). If you do sign up for the service you agree to waive some of your existing legal rights--such as your right to participate in a class action against them!

Did you know: Here’s what LifeLock isn’t advertising so widely: When you buy its protection, you’re signing up for credit reporting and monitoring services provided by, yes, Equifax. Now why would anyone want anything to do with Equifax after the breach, and them trying to cover it up?

Besides, have you seen difference between ID Shield and LifeLock Benefits and Costs?

Check this out: ID Shield vs LifeLock

There are quality alternatives that actually will help you if you become a victim and one of them is Legal Shield. Consider signing up for their inexpensive credit monitoring package using this link below as they will not only "monitor" your account but help you when/if your identity is stolen.

Find out more about Legal Shields Identity Theft program - cost is only $9.95/month per person

At the TOP of the page click on IDSHIELD, then click on Learn More, or Join Now.

Full-Service Restoration: If your information is compromised, IDShield Licensed Private Investigators will do whatever is necessary to get your identity restored to its pre-theft status.

Just passing this along as my friend, who is head of HR at a large company, did not even know and he was breached! He is putting out the information to his staff, so I thought I would pass this along. Kyla

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