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Veggie Fruit Twists changed my life from coping with Diverticulitis to living with it naturally. I used to have to watch what I ate, take fiber (yuck) and take probiotics too and I daily, and I couldn't miss a day of doing that. But all that changed.

I ran across a Veggie Fruit twist which comes in berry or mango citrus flavor which I drink once a day and I no longer have to watch what I eat or purchase expensive probiotics. Now, all I do is twist and squeeze into a bottle of water or add to my morning smoothie.

No more worries of painful cramps due to eating the wrong food or forgetting to take my probiotic. What a relief it has been to have my old life style back.

So I decided to try the weight loss bars and tackle another area of my life which needs a little attention since I turned 50 a few years ago. Where did life go?

Sometimes all I can eat is 1/2 of the lemon bar before I feel full. All natural products makes sure I'm eating healthy.

From energy drinks to health supplements I've now found a new friend and life is now back to normal. Make sure to let me know how they work for your specific ailment so I can pass the word on.

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