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Traffic Moving Violation & Legal Shield


Do you have a LegalShield plan in place? They are so inexpensive and come in so hand. Below is one situation, out of many, which you will gain an advantage in life from having it in place. Check out this Legal Shield member's thank you email:

Subject: Legal Shield service out come

Please see below my comments below to a “Legal Shield” service survey I filled out after using their services:

At the first of the year your service was offered by my employer to sign up for. My initial intent was to use the service to create a family will. 2 months later I was pulled over and cited a moving traffic violation that I felt was not justifiable. That very morning I contacted my Legal Shield representative and within 2 hours I received a phone call back and was electronically sent instructions on what to do in response to the situation.

In short, Legal Shield represented my case without me even having to go to court. The moving traffic violation was changed to a non-moving violation that would not show up on my driving record period, thus not effecting my insurance and the possibly of increased rates.

I am extremely happy with this outcome and highly recommend "Legal Shield" services to everyone I know.

Thank you for your services, top rated!


Once you become a member, make sure to use this app if you receive a traffic ticket:

"mylegalshield" is a LegalShield APP for your phone which LegalShield members can use if they receive an auto citation. There is a bar to push for traffic citations if you get one and it will walk you through the process. You will still need to let the law firm know about the ticket within 5 days of getting a ticket as it will allow them time to consult with you if necessary and they also line up an attorney. So--you drive a few blocks away from the scene of the ticket and pull over and use the app to take a photo of the citation it gets sent immediately to the law firm and you get contacted the next day to figure out if you have a defense. If so, the attorney will go in to court for you. (There are about 5 states that do require you to be there). Great deal! I myself have had a citation avoided by having a pre-paid legal sticker on my window. The officer didn't want to deal with going to court and just gave me a warning. (When he walked up to my car I rolled down my window, so the sticker was right in his face when he got to the car.

Worry less, Live more!

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