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Weight Loss/Healthy Weight Management Articles

Weight Loss does not come easy. It's filled with trials and errors. As Monica Smith from RecoveringWorks.org says "When I was at the height of my addiction, I gained a LOT of weight. Losing it and getting back on a healthy track after I entered sobriety has really helped me in my recovery. Of course, maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of overall wellness for all of us, addiction or not."

Monica encourages people to prioritize their health by losing excess weight (which can lead to all sorts of adverse health effects). She shared a few articles that were a big help to her during her time of struggle with weight loss; and I have provided links to those sites below.

I myself am working on loosing weight. A few of my family members decided to try and loose weight before a cruise we are all going on in April. Our goal is to loose some weight, our choice of how much, and our choice of exercise, etc. It seems easier to me to try and loose weight when I have a fun goal attached helps out some. I've chosen to work towards a brand new smaller sized swim suit, and cruise at the end of the journey.

I've found keeping the weight loss journey to a smaller amount of time is a good idea. So we've chosen 3 months, and I will try to loose 10 to 15lbs. Reasonable time frames and weight lose amounts will help you reach your goal faster. Then you can set a new goal. And, have people whom can help hold you accountable is a great idea too. I try and walk with my Mother and she tries to remind me to walk also. My sister said to me, "since you are trying to loose weight I'm going to add "planking" to your daily routine, once a day for as long as you can, until you leave on the cruise". Who can say no to a challenge from their sister...not me. So I've now been planking each day too.

So far I've lost 5 lbs, with a set back of 2 and then back to 5 in the first 3 weeks. I'm holding on to the fact that I lost and the I can loose more. It's an up and down battle with weight loss, but keep your mind focused on the ups, not the downs. Positive reinforcement to your self and your journey will get you further than negative.

Keep in mind that setting reasonable goals is the main thing you need to do. 10-15lbs is reasonable in a 3 month time period. (Excess water seems to be the first thing to go). If I end up loosing more,then I'll feel GREAT about that!

Articles for encouraging challenging yourself to weight loss, thanks to Monica!

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