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Ways to lower your Health Insurance & Prescripton Drug Costs...

When I had to get a colonoscopy when I turned 50 I put it off, as many do. I didn't want to get it done and if they found something wrong, I didn't want to pay. Of course, if nothing was wrong the cost would be $0, as it would considered preventative. So I called my insurance company and received 5 referrals in my area to compare prices. To my surprise 2 would not even offer an estimate and the other 3 ranged from 1,500 up to 3,500. I ended up choosing the 1,500 one as they were associated with my doctors office and had good review. Luckily they found nothing wrong, crisis averted.

Below are a few ways to "save money" when dealing with health insurance...

1. Check out Health Care Blue Book. It allows you to control your healthcare costs so that you are not over paying. You can compare costs of medical procedures/treatments and providers before getting a service completed.

2. Check out Green Imaging. This group of board-certified radiologists helps people make the most informed decisions as to MRI's, CT's, Mammograms, X-Rays and other imaging procedures at affordable pricing.

3. Ask your doctor or specialist for cash pricing if your plan does not include co-pay doctor visits. Cash pricing is usually much less than pricing for insurance or PPO network pricing.

4. The same goes for Prescription costs. Ask for the cash price and you might be surprised that at times, they are less than your insurance co-pay.

5. Need insurance outside of Open Enrollment, or paying too much for your insurance plan? There are a few insurance options which can be sold outside of Open Enrollment, and usually cost less than traditional health insurance. Yes, this means Insurance available year round!

These insurance options can include co-pay doctor visits, your choice of hospitalization, Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness and more as Preventative, Emergency and Urgent Care can be added on; or left off if you want a more catastrophic insurance option.

The benefit to this Insurance is that it can be purchased outside of the normal Open Enrollment period. Yes, Insurance that can be purchased year round. It also provides The Karis Group whom on your behalf helps lower your hospital bills, saving you money. The plans include Script Save for discounted RX prices and TelaDoc which is an alternative to Urgent Care and ER visits. It offers 24-hour access to US Board Certified Physicians for non-emergency medical issues via phone or video chats. The consultation is at no cost and is unlimited consultations. Why leave home when you don't feel well?

With this insurance you can use any doctor, however you benefit greatly by using the PHCS PPO Nationwide network included with this insurance. And, they offer a HealthCare Hotline for guidance on smart health care shopping. Know before you go.

6. Read my blog on Cancer Costs, by Denise Lozada on this site.

For more information, questions or a quote email me at: wiseendeavors@comcast.net

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